• Judith makes history
  • Frechen takes the points with them
  • Frechen enters uncharted waters
  • Home win for Niederrhein
  • The United
  • It's all right as long as there is beer
  • Tournaments | 06/16/2012 | by Martin Sowa

    Judith makes history

    This has never happened before: Buschball has its first female German Champion! Judith of 1. BC Cologne came out on top against top-class competition in Frechen's Kurt-Bornhoff-Sportpark on Saturday. She managed to keep her nerve in an exciting final to win the championship, followed by Nico (1. BC Cologne 09), Olaf and Andreas (both 1. BC Frechen).

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  • NRW League | 06/02/2012 | by Sonja Bick

    Frechen takes the points with them

    "It was a great day for Buschball and so was the weather." This is Hartmut's modest conclusion following the 17-11 win of his side 1. BC Frechen against 1. BC Solingen. Yet the BCF captain could have celebrated a little more enthusiastic after his team collected two points in the Bärenloch in Solingen to put themselves on top of the NRW league along Niederrhein.

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  • NRW League | 05/27/2012 | by Martin Sowa

    Frechen enters uncharted waters

    Within a very short period of time the 1. BC Frechen not only was founded but also has collected several trophies and now takes the plunge into the NRW League. For most of the players it is unknown territory which they intent to take by storm. Hartmut and Thomas introduce their team and their goals.

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  • NRW League | 05/20/2012 | by Niklas Karbowski

    Home win for Niederrhein

    The first match of the new season is played and after a 17-11 home victory against BBV Rheinhausen the 1. BBC Niederrhein goes top of the standing. Although the result suggests so, the match was never that outright.

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  • NRW League | 05/11/2012 | by Martin Sowa

    The United

    Following a good first season Kabommel regards his team, the 1. BBC Niederrhein, well-prepared for the second year. With both known strenghths and the right conclusions the BBC attacks again - even though they most likely have to play without Raúl...

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  • NRW League | 05/10/2012 | by Martin Sowa

    It's all right as long as there is beer

    Despite their weaknesses in set-play BBV Rheinhausen managed to stay in the league - and came close to finish in third place. In the captain Joe's opinion that's enough to build on which prompts him to aim for a spot on the podium.

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From the clubs | 04/23/2012 | by Judith Bleuel | 0 comments

BC Cologne crowns club champion

"It was great and a lot of fun! The competition was strong but Jakob would have been a more deserving winner - he played much better than me." Olaf, the newly crowned and first-ever club champion in the history of BC Cologne, was modest after his victory. Yet he managed to overcome the German Champion from 2010 Christoph and also Jakob who won against Olaf in the preliminary round. Read more …

Tournaments | 04/06/2012 | by Martin Sowa | 0 comments

Günter wins the 2012 Easter Trophy

With a brilliant performance in the final round Günter from 1. BC Frechen captured the Easter Trophy on Good Friday in the Diergardtpark Rheinhausen before his team mates Olaf and Andreas. The senior of the players left the other participants without a chance and ended up celebrating his first tournament win ever. Read more …

NRW League | 02/27/2012 | by Martin Sowa | 0 comments

Pre-season at the Lower Rhine

After the first pre-season matches of the upcoming NRW league on Saturday, the BBC Niederrhein followed suit on Monday. Christian, Kai, Niklas and Pascal played at the town park of Goch. The latter two were able to score one win each.


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Buschball-Turniere | 03/29/2013 | by Martin Sowa | 0 comments

Easter Trophy im Schneegestöber

In zwischenzeitlich dichtem Schneetreiben behielt Sonja vom 1. BC Solingen 09 am Karfreitag im Rheinhauser Diergardtpark den Durchblick und sicherte sich in einem spannenden Finale den Sieg bei der Easter Trophy. Ebenfalls auf dem Treppchen landeten Olaf (1. BC Frechen) und Kabommel (1. BBC Niederrhein). EIn Bericht folgt. Read more …

Buschball-Turniere | 12/08/2012 | by Martin Sowa | 2 comments

Chris gewinnt Nikolaus-Cup

Am Samstag wurde im verschneiten Volkspark in Rheinhausen das traditionelle Nikolaus-Turnier ausgespielt. Am Ende stand Chris vom BBV Rheinhausen ganz oben auf dem Treppchen, gefolgt von Claus und Olaf (beide 1. BC Frechen). Read more …

NRW-Liga | 10/28/2012 | by Buschball | 0 comments

Frechen bleibt ungeschlagen

Auch im vierten und letzten Saisonspiel bleibt der 1. BC Frechen ungeschlagen und verteidigt damit erfolgreich seine Tabellenführung in der NRW-Liga. Im Heimspiel gegen den 1. BBC Niederrhein drehten die Spitzenreiter einen 1:3-Rückstand noch in einen 16:12-Sieg. Damit bleibt das Unentschieden im Derby gegen den 1. BC Cologne 09 der einzige Punktverlust. Der 1. BBC Niederrhein bleibt trotz der Niederlage auf dem dritten Platz. Ein Bericht folgt. Read more …


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NRW League | 02/25/2012 | by Martin Sowa | 2 comments

Away win in pre-season match

From BBV Rheinhausen and BC Frechen's points of view, the NRW league could start tomorrow. On Saturday, Joe (Rheinhausen) and Olaf (Frechen) followed an invitation from Solingen's Sonja and Rutsche to play an inofficial tryout match at the Engelsberger Hof. Both scored one win each. Read more …

NRW League | 02/10/2012 | by Martin Sowa | 0 comments

The serious second year

For a number of weeks the NRW league took a break. Now daily routine pulls the world's strongest Buschball league back into its grip. The clubs have started to prepare for the new season to make it at least as successful as the previous year. Read more …

Buschball inside | 01/15/2012 | by Martin Sowa | 2 comments

Frechen stands on top

Hartmut and Olaf (f.l., both 1. BC Frechen) won the tournaments.

To conclude the annual review we now focus on the months october, november and december. Usually the weather conditions lead to a lower rate of Buschball matches during that time yet there was enough to report thanks to two tournaments and one founding of a club. Read more …

Buschball-Turniere | 09/29/2012 | by Buschball | 1 comments

Das Frechener Treppchen

Beim diesjährigen Deutschland-Cup setzten sich im Kölner Stadtwald die Teams mit ausschließlich Frechener Besetzung durch. Alle drei Plätze auf dem Treppchen wurden von Spielern des 1. BC Frechen erobert. Read more …

NRW-Liga | 07/28/2012 | by Buschball | 0 comments

Remis im Derby

Im NRW-Ligaderby zwischen dem 1. BC Frechen und dem 1. BC Cologne 09 trennten sich die Teams mit einem 14:14-Unentschieden. In einem spannenden Spiel zwischen dem Tabellenführer und dem amtierenden Meister ging es äußerst knapp zur Sache - jede Runde endete mit einer Punkteteilung. Damit kann Frechen nicht nur die Tabellenführung, sondern auch seine weiße Weste verteidigen. Ein Bericht folgt.

NRW-Liga | 07/07/2012 | by Martin Sowa | 0 comments

Keine Ausrutscher

Auch wenn das Ergebnis am Ende sehr deutlich ausgefallen ist, lieferten sich der BBV Rheinhausen 08 und der 1. BC Solingen 09 am Samstag im Volkspark eine hochklassige Partie, in der gleich mehrere Einzelspiele erst in der letzten Runde entschieden wurden - fast immer zu Gunsten der Gäste, die sich keine echten Fehler leisteten. Read more …